04/16/14, a Wednesday

- got to see NMH on a (free) whim last night
- ate some excellent stir-fry
- helped Sky get ahead on a book report assignment
- Sentimental Health CDs came in the mail
- going on a cool tiny tour next week
- making funny diet changes

Slowly grading 143 1000-word essays.

Slowly grading 143 1000-word essays.

Here’s the thing I’m doing for most of this summer!

Here’s the thing I’m doing for most of this summer!

04/14/14, a Monday

Compounding stresses: a list of situations that encountered individually are very stressful, piled atop one another. Each situation carrying with it a specific stress, combined with the stress of having a lot of them.

Wishing I could curl up forever.

"She is like a cat in the dark, then she is the darkness"

Eating pizza and watching cable at a $40 motel in Yuma, dream life!

Trying not to feel bummed that my birthday will be spent driving across Texas with Dogbreth. I mean I like long, desolate drives and I love my band buds, but I also like birthday surprises and doing fun, lazy things on My Special Day. At least we’ll be waking up in Denton and falling asleep in El Paso, and Scarlett is making special cupcakes the night before. 

04/11/14, a Friday


- Had to send a kid to the office for being a weird jerk

- Monica Jones was found guilty of breaking a law that shouldn’t exist

- Emotional doc visit with some painful prodding and a blood test

- Suns lost in the fourth quarter

- It’s midnight and I still have 50 essays to grade before morning


- Free pizza

- Blue Öyster Cult came on the radio twice

- Veggie dogs with friends

The only thing that needs to be changed is the system. If they come for me in the morning, they’re coming for you at night
Monica Jones (via swopphoenix)
Hold yr horses, everything's going to be fine.

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